Forsway is a visionary team fostering a highly efficient, cost-effective approach to extending broadband services in regions with limited infrastructure or capacity. The Forsway team has developed pioneering technology, delivering innovative hybrid satellite internet solutions that combine the benefits of satellite and existing terrestrial networks.


Our unique approach eliminates the need for deployment of additional network infrastructure, providing significant time and cost savings for operators and service providers and making development in underserved regions through internet access attainable. Today our solutions are already deployed in Europe, Africa, APAC and Latin America.

Innovative technology – cultivating growth


  • Provides solutions that help solve a critical socio-economic challenge; reducing the digital divide
  • Enables broadband for large populations in emerging markets lacking reliable internet access
  • Fosters opportunity: Internet services providing critical access to community services, education, health information, business opportunities and more
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Forsway participates in different ”Advanced Research In Telecommunications Systems” product development projects (ARTES 3-4) together with ESA (European Space Agency). This collaboration has enabled both the development and the improvement of Forsway’s  solutions.


Forsway is located at Gothia Science Park in Sweden.