End user terminals
Operator equipment



Odín is an one-way satellite modem for satellite based Internet services. It can be used to access the Internet in broadband speeds with incoming data from satellite combined with a terrestrial return channel. A variety of return channels are available: 3G/GPRS/Dial-up/Ethernet.



The Freya hybrid terminal takes the features from Odín and adds all features from a modern TV/PVR receiver. This combination gives TV operators the possibility to add Internet services to their offer – with one single box provided to the end-user. The combination of IP over satellite and HDMI output also gives room for interesting new services such as multicasted content being displayed directly on a TV and push VOD (Video On Demand).




Mímir is the satellite broadband network gateway, read more about the heart of ForsONEway™.



The external supplier part of the ForsONEway™ system that is needed to have a complete turn key solution. Read more about the specifications and our partners that we recommend.





ForsONEway management centre is the software that handles the Operation Management Subsystem (OSS) and Business Management subsystem (BSS) needed for the provision of the broadband services.